When she was alone…


There was a time when she was alone. Not because of not being with someone, but because of not being with herself. Love has become a word which is now mostly associated with couples. But the love that she was deprived of was of her own.

She did many things to be able to love herself, put tonnes of makeup, starved herself, bought new clothes nothing helped.
Then she understood that maybe love isn’t to be seen, it is to be felt.

So she started sitting alone for long periods, and pondered over why she can’t do anything but hate herself. Questions like “why God has made me like this? why only I have to suffer? Where did I go wrong? Is this karma? What should I do so that I love myself again?” came up.

Then she sat down and wrote all her bad points and also found her good points. While writing she realized one thing, words are her weakness and her strength.i.e. she would get manipulated by people easily and also write very well. She decided to make this her medicine for healing.

She started reading a lot got inspired, got curious,read more. The more she read the more curious she was. Her thirst for reading became insatiable.

Gradually she started liking herself. She started admitting to the fact that she makes mistakes and its only humane to do so. This liking, made her pay attention to herself; the only person whom she had been neglecting and avoiding over a period of time.

From the process of accepting and liking herself to the feeling of loving herself completely she learnt that…


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