Are all humans evil ?

Did you say “Oh no, that’s not true. Not all are bad” ?
The title is as true as the other stereotypes that we create or believe in. Still didn’t get my point?

Then, let me introduce you to myself. I am the ” only child” of my “South Indian” parents. I am a “girl” who is “dusky”,  has “broad shoulders and a muscular body”. I have graduated in the “Arts field” and a “Counsellor ” by profession. Yeah my whole introduction is full of all the points that make me go against the stereotypical thoughts of majority of the population.

I’ll start with the stereotypes that I was born with (basically my inborn stereotypes). 

What if I am a single child? I will be pampered by my parents and everything I want will be given to me very easily. And yes I will be selfish! (The fact that my parents have taught me to be independent, selfmade and share and care won’t matter at all).

What if I am a South Indian? Definitely I will pronounce ‘M’ as ‘Yem’.And I will be called as a Madrasi (The fact that Madras as become Chennai, and that my origins are  from Karnataka doesn’t even matter).

What if I am a girl? I have to learn to cook food, have to be emotionally very expressive, have to be careful about my character,   I have to wear frilly and girlish clothes and love pink and be delicate and thin. Because hey! You live for the validation of others! (The fact that I like and have learnt many other things than cooking,or I can be empathetic without showing my emotions, or moral policing should be for everyone, or I like to wear clothes that I am comfortable in won’t even matter.)

What if I am dusky?  Il get to use chandan and malai and other fairness creams too! (The fact that I love and I am comfortable in my complexion won’t even matter.)

Now the other stereotypes which I could have chosen to avoid but didn’t. So yes, it’s my mistake that being a girl I am involved in sports since it will make me wear boyish clothes,  will tan my skin and will develop muscles on my body. Because no one will want to marry a girl who is dark, looks boyish and doesn’t wear decent clothes. (The fact that I may not want to marry won’t be taken into account.)

Yes! I know my biggest mistake is that I chose Arts /Humanities. It shows that I don’t have brains. And yeah creativity is no field to be in. It doesn’t matter what my passion is, I should have chosen what majority of the people choose. Because Arts is only meant for people who get less percentage in academics. (The fact that arts field is a contributor to the movies, drama, literature, fine arts and many other things on which people spend so much money to watch or enjoy doesn’t even matter.)

The last (not), stereotype is that I have learnt psychology. So it definitely means that I can read people’s minds and therefore people should run away from me. (The fact that psychology analyses the behaviour of people and involves proper administration of tests to diagnose someone’s personality, doesn’t even matter).

There are many stereotypes created for different categories of the society (for instance- boys, fair people, north indians, engineers, etc ).But not every individual may relate to the typical characteristics of their respective category. Therefore it is necessary that we identify and acknowledge people for their individual traits and qualities.

Because… Not All Humans Are Evil.



6 thoughts on “Are all humans evil ?

  1. Very well written. This piece echoes the thoughts of many other girls like me that fell prey to such stereotyping. Looking forward to many such brilliant write ups.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s Really inspiring and a great read. It should be read by all because we, at times tend to stereotype people knowingly or unknowingly which might seem fun or unintentional but might severely harm an individual’s perception( I’ve gone through it).
    Please keep writing more!

    Liked by 1 person

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