To err is human

For ages we have been told that parents are a form of God and therefore we should listen to them. They want the best for their children and so can never be wrong. But it’s no secret that parents are actually humans who have learnt by their mistakes and who will continue to do so.
Then, why is it such a task for parents to accept their mistakes? 

Is it because they have so much experience, and accepting flaws will mean they haven’t learnt much?

Is it because their kids will take them for granted?

Is it because talking about mistakes will belittle them in front of children?

As a mental health professional I have observed that most of the cases of substance abuse, aggression, low self esteem, peer-pressure, depression are directly or indirectly linked to faulty parenting.

Right from the moment a child is conceived uptil his or her youth, parents impose many restrictions or give too much freedom to their children. The consquences are adverse in both these conditions.

Its funny how parents take many decisions for their children till they reach the adulthood and then plunge them into the wedlock, assuming that now the child ought to take decisions on their own.

But not very parent is the same. Like I had mentioned in my third blog “Are all humans evil?”, that not everyone may relate to the respective characteristics of the category they are in. Parents who are assertive yet open-minded also exist. Some of them know how to strike a balance between freedom and discipline.

But it’s necessary for a  great number of parents to understand that making a mistake or accepting one isn’t catastrophic. 

If you can encourage your child to get up once he or she falls, you can encourage yourself to do the same. Doing this will will help you to destroy the illusionary barrier between you and your ward. As it will help them to understand that you are no different to them. Hence, they can feel free while talking to you and it strengthens the bond.

It’s time that children and more importantly, the parents acknowledge and accept that they are not Gods, but humans like their children. Because accepting your flaws is the first step towards change.

And no, I’m not trying to belittle the stress and doubts that parents face when bringing up their kids. But it’s important to realise that if the citizens of tomorrow are exposed to great parenting skills, the world will be a better place to live in.



3 thoughts on “To err is human

  1. Great read !
    Accepting your flaws is a great deal
    And Elders are to help when the child is stuck somewhere and not to just impose your decisions (unnecessarily).
    Thank you for sharing 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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