Who is a hero?

A hero is not about looks,
A hero is about what a person’s mind cooks.

A hero is not about lifting trucks and buses around,

A hero is about lifting up the spirits when life turns around.

A hero isn’t about fame,

A hero is about being modest when everything goes according to your game.

A hero isn’t only about saving others,

A hero is also about saving yourself, when it bothers.

A hero isn’t about working because you ought to, 

A hero is about pushing yourself to work even when you don’t want to.

A hero isn’t about being vain,

A hero is about thinking of others even when in pain.

A hero isn’t about teaching enemies a lesson,

A hero is about knowing that people hurt you and it is just a life lesson.

A hero isn’t about succeeding in the first try,

A hero is about not giving up when you are left high and dry.

A hero isn’t only a male,

A hero is anyone who isn’t afraid to fail.

A hero isn’t about people calling you one,

A hero is about believing and feeling like one.

 It’s time we changed our perception about “A hero”. From the far-fetched idea let us give this term a more realistic meaning. Let us make being “A hero” a more achievable thing. Let us try and find the heroes in our real life.

 There are many heroes in our life who go unnoticed. 

~From the hardworking sweeper to the dedicated hawker who tries to sell his wares. 

~From the persevering student who is studying to get in a good college on merit so as to save his parents from paying donation to the student who refrains to succumb to peer pressure. 

~From the housewife who sacrifices her ambitions for her family to the woman who juggles between her career and home effectively.

~From the father who single handledly brings up his child to the father who sticks to his integrity inspite of money problems. 

Hero is about making the right decisions when you have the authority and circumstances that compel you to choose otherwise.

Each one of us can be a hero. If only we believe in it.



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