Life is strange

Life is so ironical sometimes, that it’s funny.

If people are asked to trust, why do people break trust?

If emotions are to be expressed, why do we have to stop crying?

If we are supposed to be fearless, why are we asked to be afraid of authorities?

If parents are supposed to responsible adults, why do some abandon their children?

If children are asked to accept defeat sportingly,why are they promised incentives on winning?

If cigarettes are injurious to health, why are they being sold yet?

Why are we supposed to be ambitious, but also be content with what we have?

We are supposed be positive , but then how can we be prepared for the negatives?

We are supposed to believe in God because he helps us, but then why do bad things happen?

We say that positive thinking is a must, yet why do insurance companies exist?

We say knowledge is power then, why are we the ones who say that ignorance is bliss?

We say perfection is a myth , then why do we have to practice to be perfect?

We say to err is human, yet why can’t we get past our mistakes?

We say it is important to love, but why  do we forget to love ourselves?

How can we be supposed to befriend people, but be ready for them to leave us?

Why are we upposed to connect to people, yet not get attached?

Why are we supposed to accept when they are leaving, but not brood on it?

Why are we suppose to brood on it, but also move on?

What is the point of connecting and getting close to people, when we know that nothing is permanent? 

Why do we insist on having the same person with us lifelong, when we know that change is constant?



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