My dear person…

My dear person,

I know I have hurt you time and again. There were times you wanted to yell at me but you chose not to. There were times when you wanted to react harshly to my nonsensical rants, but you composed yourself.

There were times you could have come and slapped me right across my face (you had the right to), but you chose to just hug me. I know there have been times when you might have questioned and doubted your own sane self about whether you are handling me right. 

There might have been instances when you felt so impatient about me not understanding things after repeatedly telling the same. But what did you do? You just waited and waited some more. Assured yourself that I’ll be back.

The best part (for me) is that you never stopped loving me. How could you love me so much so that you let me hurt you? I’m angry with myself because somewhere I knew I was doing something wrong, yet I just let it be. I knew that I am taking you and this relation granted for too long. I know that I just assumed that you would be there for me no matter what, and you happily obliged.

The way you quietly stood there observing me, as I ran about like a child creating more and more chaos for myself, is one thing  I will always admire. You didn’t stop me from doing what I wanted to because I would feel tied but u left no stone unturned to show me, how I could be my ideal self. 

You knew and you had faith in yourself, me and most of all on our relation, that no matter what happens I’ll come back to you.  From where do you get this great strength and courage to  let go of all the pain and hold on only to the positives? How can you not react when something pains you so excruciatingly?


I know the past months may not have been that smooth for you in keeping yourself attached yet unattached to me and my stupid impulsive venting. You knew that I have no one to trust on, and that you were my only hope. In this world when I wasn’t able to trust anyone, not even myself, you were my only leap of faith. 

I cannot thank you enough for bearing with me this time. And no I won’t ask for forgiveness, because I can’t be sure and say that this may not happen again. I won’t even promise you that I’ll do the same for you when time comes. Because I have learnt that promises are meant to be broken.


Your someone. 



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