If 2016 was a person…

I saw many people sharing posts that stated 2016 was one the worst years of their life. I too wanted to say something.

If 2016 was a person…

Me: I hate you 2016.

2016: Oh not again! Everybody is blaming me  for hurting them.

Me: They are rightly saying so.

2016: But why do you think  so?

Me: You brought so many tears. Broke many friendships, made so many people fight, created many calamities  and initiated wars and fiscal changes.

2016: Haven’t friendships broken before? Weren’t there calamities, wars and fiscal changes before??

Me: They were, but not all at once. You were like a fair-weather friend. The initial months with you were very happy and enjoyable. But as time passed you showed your true clours.

2016: I never promised anything. It was you who had many expectations from me!

Me: But you gave such a promising start for me with the Best Student Award and an awesome birthday. Why did you have to hurt me later? I lost so many important people, fought with all of them for silliest reasons all because you were there. I had never fought with some of them before you came into my life. You created a mess, only you.

2016: I am just another person in your life! You would have fought with anyone of them sooner or later, because even you know quarrelling and misunderstandings and sadness are like happiness, will come in unexpectedly. Just because I co-existed in your life during your rough phase doesn’t mean I should be tagged as evil or a fair-weather friend. 

Me: But.. 

2016: Maybe I was there to open your eyes. Maybe if I wouldn’t be in your life, you wouldn’t fight/ misunderstand some people at all, so they would never get a chance to prove to you how much you mean to them.

Me: Yeah true that. No matter how much you have hurt me, made me cry, you have shown me the people who will be with me even when I’m at my worst. (smirks)

2016: I know, I know, I will have to take the blame because nobody likes the blunt truth. No matter however positive changes this person has brought to you , you will only look at the negatives I have given you.

Me: Lol. ‘ Positive changes’ eh?

2016: Yeah. For example you knew you had a flair for writing , but you never chose to write and publish things, until I came and pushed you to the extreme. So much so that you weren’t left with anything but to express and vent out with your writing.

Me: Yeah I somewhat agree with that one. But the breaking of friendships and hurting me stuff, why did you do that?

2016: Some or the other person had to do that. Only when you are left alone (without any option) you realise that you can be you biggest strength.

Me: But I knew this, even before you came into my life.

2016: Yet you only changed completely when I came into your life. Isn’t it? Had you taken the risks of avoiding some people like you did when I was not there, you would have been very much stronger when I was there with you. 

Me: But there could have been other ways, where you could have taught without being so harsh and tough towards me.Like mild disturbances. Why turn people against me? Why so many changes all of a sudden?

2016: I didn’t turn people against you. They were always the way they are. I just made you open your blindfolds. Cause sometimes big changes cause bigger advancements.

Me: No. These changes would do no good. Nothing can be good after what you have done. I really hate you. It’s because of you that I’m no longer happy. There may have been some positives, but the negatives are over-shadowing that.

2016: Sadly, people would remember the bad more than the good. Hate me all you want to, but just have the patience to meet my friend 2017. He won’t be as harsh as me.

Me: So you say.

2016: See it for yourself! Bye!

Me: Good bye and good riddance!



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