Be the miracle!

I met a person some time ago, who said this during a conversation, “I won’t change, I’ll only change when a miracle happens. God has been so unkind and unfair to me. Because of him I’m helpless and in despair. Everybody around me has done worse things, yet He punishes just me. People hurt me repeatedly, my health is detoriating, I don’t look good anymore, I suck at my work and studies, my relationship with my parents has gone for a toss.I can’t find one reason to be happy or even feel positive. My whole world is collapsing in front of me and I can’t do anything but just cry and complain about it. If He is looking at me from above (which I doubt), why doesn’t He help me? He has spoilt my life, and He and only He will make the repairs. I’m just going to wait and watch because I have given up. He has to create some miracle, for me to believe in Him again.”

After span of a month, the same person, looked much better, much more healthier, much more jolly and joyful. I asked the reason for this positive change. And the reply I got was, ” I have started following a routine now. I give time for my work and leisure activities. I have now sorted my priorities and give them time accordingly. The same goes for the people in my life, I  spend more time with the people to whom I matter alot. I eat well and take care of my health. Because now I am my first priority. Although all my relationships are not completely cordial, but I definitely know how to accept and not expect (and from whom).”

How did the perspective change so drastically, is the obvious question I ask. The reply is, ” I had forgotten that I have the capacity to create a miracle in my life. I became the creator of my miracle. I knew the  ways to change my life. The only mistake I was making all this time was of expecting someone else to do my work for me. It was as if I’m asking someone else to eat to satisfy my hunger. I moment I decided I will keep myself as a priority, I started sleeping sooner going to gym, eating well, reading up more information related to my work and spending more time with the people who stuck by my side through my rough period. Gradually I realised that this was the miracle I was waiting for!!”

I walked home pondering upon the conversation that just happened. I know for a fact that I can’t give up on my bad habits and  tend to blame other people around me for not being able to put up with them. This talk actually motivated me to tweak things in my life.

As I contemplated the differences that occurred in the same person, I awed the power that each person has within themselves. Sometimes the traumatic events in our life cripple us to such an extent that we forget that we are atleast breathing! 

And where there is life, there is hope.



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