I’m not done!

When you feel tired of feeling too much.

 When you feel that it could have been better.

When you feel that nothing else matters.

When you feel that you are alone and it’s not okay.

When you feel that you are worthless.

When you feel you can’t do better.

When you feel unloved.

When you feel like a loser.

Remember you are not the only one who feels like this. 

Yes, I have. I have given up on people. I have given up on situations. The saddest part, I have given up on myself. 

I don’t understand how one can expect people to survive in a society which is majorly filled of idiots. The rules , norms made by them , it becomes so overwhelming to stay in such a society and remain sane. 

The society where majority of the people focus on themselves and not others. Society where no one cares if other people are hurt because of them or not. Society which so easily highlights the mistakes and imperfections of others whilst refraining to talk about their own shortcomings.Mind you, I have mentioned that majority of the people are like that. Not all of them. 

Yes it is difficult to exist, but who said life was going to be easy? Just hang in there. Don’t give up on hope, don’t give up on life. Even if you have one reason to live, live life for just that one reason. Many people ask for time and they aren’t given. You are very lucky to be alive and breathing.

Remember you are strong enough to face this. And maybe this is just another boulder in your journey of life.I know you are tired, and it is very tough to hang on, but you didn’t give up before, so don’t give up now.

You were a clean slate when you were born. Complete your slate of life gracefully. Think about the people that came into your life and helped you. If there is someone to put you down , there is someone to lift you up. Maybe you musn’t have met them,  but they will surely come around. 

Remember the fighter in you? Who fought so many battles before ?  Give that fighter a chance to prove itself. Let that fighter fight until you have won the battle.

Till then talk to your friends, get involved with your hobbies. Learn things you once wanted to learn. And live life!



2 thoughts on “I’m not done!

  1. So True… Keep shining BEAUTIFUL girl☺ This world needs Your light. You were given this LIFE because You are STRONG enough to LIVE IT😘 Proud of You my Girl…

    Liked by 1 person

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