I don’t know what I fell for…

The way he lied, or his lies.

She said, “I think you are falling for me”, and he kept on denying it. The more he denied, the more he fell for her.

They were magnets.The more she tried to stay away from him, the more attracted she was to him.

He was mesmerised by her beauty. He didn’t say it to her. He was in love with her nature. He didn’t say it to her. He wanted to be with her. He didn’t say it to her. He didn’t like her work, he just said that to her.

He cried. Because he loved and trusted her enough to emote in front of her. Little did he know that that action of his, made her fall in love?

Many guys made her laugh and laughed with her. But she fell for the one, who dared to cry in front of her.

She discussed everything with him, from the latest gadgets to the recent movies.Everything except her heart.

They were made for each other. Why you ask? Coz he had more faith in her than himself. And she trusted his talents more than her own.

He didn’t tell her the truth. Yes, he lied to her. Not coz he wanted to hide something from her. But becoz he didn’t want to lose her.

He distanced himself from her. Because the thought of completely losing her was scarier than the thought of being alone.

He wished he had not spoken the truth. At least she would be by his side.

Who decides if lying is right or wrong? Would  you prefer to lie and have your beloved with you or say the truth and lose them?



8 thoughts on “Grey

  1. Wow very matured n a deep feeling.. so much of understanding in knowing other persons feelings sometimes get us in trouble with our feelings.

    Liked by 1 person

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