Therapy….A leap beyond me

‘Laughter is a medicine’, has been a well known proverb,

But if a person is laughing to himself, he is told to curb.

Mental health is a term heard by all but understood only by a few,

In reality, people start distancing from the moment they get a small cue.

Different person , different emotion which manifests in a completely different aspect,

‘Give it sometime, u will be fine’ is what they all say and expect.

“Why don’t u see the doctor?”, they ask when I’m lying sick on my bed,

“Why do u want to see the doctor?”, they ask when I can’t show them what is going on in my head.

Mental disturbance may not be always seen by the eye,

A concerned talk would prove to be beneficial, and may even save the final bye.

Why do you judge me, because I am different?

Atleast I’m strong enough to accept that my life has a dent.

I don’t want your pity, advice or discrimination,

I just want someone to hear me out and empathize with me after my revelation.

It is true that depression, schizophrenia, bipolar are not just labels,

The people undergoing these illnesses can also turn tables.

Therapy and medicines may be their need,

A little acceptance and empathy is what will help them indeed.


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